Openwater Courses generally limit emergency skill training to self rescue and tired diver assists. Why?

Beginning students lack sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to truly master complex rescue skills. There is simply not enough time in most beginning scuba courses to cover all the rescue and emergency management skills that every diver should have.

This is why the Rescue Diver course provides important follow-on training. It covers:


  • Self-rescue and diver stress.

  • AED and emergency oxygen delivery systems.

  • Dive first aid.

  • Swimming and non-swimming rescue techniques.

  • Emergency management and equipment.

  • Panicked diver response.

  • Underwater problem solving.

  • Missing diver procedures.

  • Surfacing the unconscious diver.

  • In-water rescue breathing protocols.

  • Egress (exits).

  • First aid procedures for pressure related accidents.

  • Dive accident scenarios.


CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Provider certifications are required to complete this course. They are not included as part of the Rescue course. You can find more info about the CPR/First Aid Course here.


The Rescue Diver course also helps you meet important prerequisites for leadership-level courses.


Students are responsible for supplying all of the equipment items listed below:

Mask, snorkel, fins.

Adequate exposure protection.

One cylinder per day.

Weight system, weights.

Buoyancy Control Device (BC).

Regulator/alternate air source.

Depth gauge/timer or computer.

Audible surface signal.

Surface signal (safety tube).

Cutting tool.

Dive tables and slate or Dive Computer


All of these items are available for rent or purchase at Louisville Dive Center.



This course consists of homestudy using the eLearning kit and two days of in-water training.


During the summer season open water training weekends generally take place at the local quarries in the Louisville area. During the winter months training is conducted on our springs trip.


The course fee is $195.

Students are responsible for supplying all of the equipment items as well purchasing the NAUI Rescue eLearning kit ($89.95).


Check the LDC Calendar for upcoming dates.



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