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Andrea Vivona, PTA

Andrea Vivona, PTA

Andrea has been a PADI instructor for 2 years and have been diving for a total of 8 years. She love to travel and to explore new diving opportunities, especially if it’s in the warmer waters! Andrea has traveled as far as Okinawa, Japan to dive, but will also stay close to dive the local quarries and pools just to get her “diving fix”!


Chad Crick

Chad Crick

Chad began scuba diving in 1996.  He became an Instructor for the Louisville Dive Center in 2006 and completed his NAUI Instructor Trainer certification in 2007.  Chad has extensive diving experience in Public Safety Diving, Underwater Search and Rescue/Recovery and Underwater Investigations.  He is the lead team instructor for the largest police department dive team in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in which he has been a member of for 20 years. Chad can also teach Emergency Vessel Operations and Swift Water Rescue Technicians thru ERDI. Chad finds the most gratification in teaching new students and introducing them to the spectacular underwater world.  Chad is a USCG Licensed Master Captain and is always looking to get his gills wet!!!


Tony Lantrip

Tony has been a certified diver since 1987, but really became serious about diving in 1999. Since becoming a NAUI instructor in 2002 his flexible schedule and love for the sport has made him one of LDC’s most active instructors. Currently holding a Course Director designation, Tony enjoys teaching from beginners to professionals.
“Any day I get wet is a good day”


Rusty Davis

Rusty has been diving with Louisville Dive Center since his wife Shelly enrolled them in SCUBA classes as a Christmas gift in 1994. He became a NAUI instructor in March of 2003 and added instructor ratings with SSI, SDI, ASHI and DAN over the next few years. In 2005 Rusty became a NAUI Instructor Trainer. Also in 2005, he earned his Captain's License through the United States Coast Guard. Rusty's experience in SCUBA instruction varies from open water & try SCUBA classes up through leadership & public safety. He has had opportunities to dive environments from cold-water inland quarries to exotic tropical dive destinations but one experience will always standout. In 2016 Rusty had the privilege to teach SCUBA to a crew of Boy Scouts which included his own Eagle Scout son Connor. Once the crew was certified divers, they went on a week long live aboard SCUBA sailboat trip in the Florida Keys through the Boy Scouts of America's Sea-base High Adventure program. Rusty got to serve as an adult leader on this trip and see the group of young men he had known since they were little boys in Cub Scouts enjoy the undersea world that SCUBA had opened up for them. 


Dwight Thrailkill

Originally from California, Dwight caught the dive bug in 1992 and has explored and traveled extensively since.  He is an Instructor Trainer and has been teaching at Louisville Dive Center since 2005.  Dwight works for the largest cargo company in the world as an International Aircraft Dispatcher and when he’s not controlling airplanes you’ll find him tearing his jeep apart, underwater or planning his next vacation.  His kids are following in his footsteps and working their way through dive ratings with a goal to teach in the future.


Jamie Clark

Jamie started diving in 1981 at the age of 12 and it has been his passion ever since. He progressed through various specialty classes, dive master and then obtained his NAUI Instructor certifcation in 1989 with the Louisville Dive Center. Diving has lead him to many incredible destinations and formed friendships too numerous to count. Over the last few years, he has focused more on the realm of technical diving and the challenges it brings. He had the opportunity to train with world renowned wreck diver and legend John Chatterton as well as famed cave diver and underwater explorer Jill Heinerth. Seek the best to be the best! “If you're gonna be a diver, you gotta keep diving and learning!” Jamie's surface interval time is spent as an RN with Norton Healthcare.  He looks forward to being part of your new adventure! 


Dan Koleski

Dan has been diving now for 20 years and teaching for 15. Everyone who knows Dan knows he love to dive just about anywhere and any time. He teaches  pool, open water, Advanced, Stress and rescue classes and helps out with  those individuals that are working on their Master Diver and Dive Master Certifications. He has also worked as a Instructor Trainer and is looking at getting back into that in the near future. Dan's favorite dive spots are Bonaire and the Bahamas but he does enjoy  heading south and diving some off of the Florida Panhandle and occassionaly, off the shores of North Carolina. He hopes to have a chance in the near future to meet up with you and help you out in a class.


Todd Early

Todd Early began his diving career in 1995 as a recreational diver with the Louisville Dive Center. He became an instructor in 2001. Todd served for ten years with the Jefferson County/ Louisville Metro Police Dive Search and Rescue Teams as a diver and paramedic. He completed certifications as a Dive Rescue Specialist and Tactical diver. Todd is a Dive Medical Technician (DMT) through the Divers Alert Network and completed a program as an aquanaut. He is joined by his wife and two sons in a love of diving.






Brent Ortman

Brent started diving and quickly combined his profession as an educator with his passion of diving to become a dive instructor. Most of his diving has been in the Caribbean, but his favorite dives include Roatan, Honduras and drift dives in Pompano, Florida. Brent hopes to spend future dives volunteering on coral farms to help transplant new coral to stressed reefs.



Jennifer Doidge

Jennifer started teaching SCUBA in 2003.  She have had the pleasure of certifying hundreds of happy divers that now get the excitement of sharing the underwater world of adventure and exploration. She dove in the kelp forests of California with curious sea lions playing with her like puppy dogs. In Kona Hawaii she dove with the graceful 12 ft wing span manta rays at night. You feel the force of the water swish against you as they fly inches above your head! Jennifer swam with a magnificent whale shark on a shipwreck in Hawaii. She have created her own specialties that include underwater pumpkin carving, kayak diving, and have hosted several underwater poker runs and underwater scavenger hunts. She even threw her mom an underwater surprise birthday party complete with gifts wrapped in foil paper! In 2013, she was recognized at Elite Divers "most valuable diver."  Jennifer holds instructor ratings that that allow her to train to the highest level of diving and the most vertistile specialties. She is excited to meet all of you that share the same excitement that she does for SCUBA!


Meet our Dive Masters

Thomas Goff

IThomas Goff, one of the Dive Masters, started diving in 2003 at LDC. Seeing Jaws in the 6th grade is what sparked my interest in becoming a scuba diver.  He has been very lucky to have traveled with the shop on numerous occasion from Florida to Chuuk Lagoon.  He became a DM in 2016, with the crew at LDC has lots of fun.  When it comes to training new divers, your safety is our #1 priority.  Come dive with us, it is the next best thing to being an Astronaut.