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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Gear and why do I need it for my Scuba Course?
Scuba gear is incredibly personal. While we provide the scuba gear for your training we strongly suggest having your own mask, fins, and snorkel which we refer to as your Personal Gear. A mask that fits one of us perfectly may not fit you! In order to have the best experience possible we suggest everyone use their Personal Gear. Using your own equipment in class gives you the chance to become more confident and comfortable with your equipment which in turn will make you a more confident and comfortable scuba diver.

Why purchase gear at LDC instead of online? Will you match prices?
For over 30 years Louisville Dive Center has been a family owned and operated business and we believe in providing the best possible experience for our customers. This includes providing the best scuba gear in the industry at competitive prices. We know that it is easy to browse and buy online. We do it ourselves! However, before you make a purchase we ask that you give us a chance to compete. Buying locally keeps the money here in Kentucky with Kentucky families. More importantly it gives you a chance to try on and test gear before you buy. We will match any online price from another authorized dealer for new equipment that is the same make and model year. If there is something that we can’t match a price on we will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase here at LDC. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want to make sure that you leave the store happy.

How does the pool scheduling work?
Since we do not have a pool onsite we rely on the good will of a variety of institutions for our pool time. As such we are at their mercy when it comes to scheduling and class schedules can change at the last minute with little notice to us. Of course, we will work with you when it comes meeting your schedule or any deadlines you may have coming up.

What do I need to have completed before I start my course?
You can start the Openwater Scuba Course without having any of the eLearning completed outside of the Risk Awareness portion. However, we suggest being through Chapter 3 before the second class session meets.

What do I need to have completed before I can go to Final Openwater?
You will need to have completed the Confined Water training and eLearning including the Final Exam.

What are my options for the Final Openwater Dives?
Depending on the time of year you have a few different options. During the summer months there are many local dive sites that we train at including Falling Rock Park in LaGrange, KY and Pennyroyal Scuba in Hopkinsville, KY. We also offer a Universal Referral which allows you to complete your Openwater dives at your vacation destination. Finally, we also offer long weekend trips to Florida which allow you to dive with us and complete your dives down south!

What is the procedure for Universal Referrals?
It’s very straightforward. Once you have completed your eLearning program (and emailed us the results at we will issue you a Universal Referral. It takes about 20 minutes to get the paperwork together for a referral so please give us a call beforehand so that we can get it together for you. Once the referral is issued you have 30 days to complete it and return the paperwork to us. Once the paperwork is returned to us a card will be issued through Louisville Dive Center.

What about tipping?
Here at the Louisville Dive Center all of our Instructors are paid for teaching your course. So while tips are not necessary or expected they are very much appreciated. If you have a Divemaster or Training Assistant helping with your Course, in many cases, they are helping out for free in order to better themselves as divers and to gain experience on the road to becoming a Scuba Instructor themselves. If they did a good job and helped you out quite a bit a little tip is always appreciated. Helps to cover gas for them!

What about local diving after I’m certified?
In the summer months we are always diving locally! Usually we are at one of the local quarries such as Falling Rock or Pennyroyal. If you want to join us on a weekend outing let us know! We will try to get you set up with a dive buddy.