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Training Assistant

If you possess the desire to assist in the training of other divers, a NAUI Training Assistant specialty course might be for you.

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This course will qualify you in the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as a training assistant during NAUI diver training courses overseen by an active-status NAUI Instructor.
As a certified NAUI Training Assistant, you will be qualified to temporarily directly supervise students while an instructor conducts skills with other students; escort students on the surface or on underwater tours; and assist an active-status NAUI Instructor with other tasks, all under the direction of a NAUI Instructor.
As a NAUI Training Assistant, you will learn more about underwater navigation, communications, how to escort and assist divers during an open water training dives and how to assist with problem management during diver training evolutions.
Training Assistant is not a NAUI Leadership course but it will lead you in that direction.

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Minimum age for these courses is 18 years plus certification as a NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver or equivalent, NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver or equivalent and current certification in first aid and CPR. Contact your Louisville Dive Center Instructor for more information and how to sign up.

What’s Next?

While certification as a Training Assistant does not confer any NAUI Leadership certification, the experience, knowledge and confidence you gain working as a Training Assistant can help you achieve your goal of becoming a NAUI member! Enroll in a NAUI Master SCUBA Diver, NAUI Assistant Instructor or Divemaster course to learn more about NAUI membership and to evaluate your readiness to join the most elite diver training agency in the world.

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