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  • Underwater Archaeologist

Underwater Archaeologist

Qualified divers are essential to collect and record archaeological data on submerged cultural resources and often perform invaluable volunteer assistance to accredited archaeologists by assisting during field work.

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Learn specific skills and knowledge that are helpful for wreck diving activities and provide increased enjoyment when visiting submerged cultural resources. You'll gain the basic information and skills that are used in underwater archaeological interpretation of wreck and other sites, as well as mapping, sketching, and researching techniques.

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Prerequisites vary so check with the Louisville Dive Center or your instructor for complete details. 

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Louisville Dive Center offers a full range of specialty courses designed to enhance your enjoyment of the underwater world while minimizing risks associated with scuba diving. Continue your training with any one the many courses to choose from or enroll in the Master Scuba Diver course for a more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and science behind the sport of diving and the marine environment.

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